Cymbalta Withdrawal

It is true that a human being state of being is characterized by different moods. One can be happy, sad, pensive, excited, nervous and so on. These moods are normal and would recur depending on internal or external stimuli an individual is exposed in. The only worry sets in when an individual exhibit extreme characteristics in either of the fore mentioned state of being. When one is extremely sad, the person is said to be depressed. Nobody would want to fall in depression, but sometimes things happen that makes us extremely sad that we could get over the grief.

Cymbalta Withdrawal

A depressed individual show signs such as loss of interest in fun activities, general low moods. Depression is a disorder that has medical treatment. There are four main types of depression disorders: Major depressive disorder, Clinical depression, unipolar depression and major depression. One can be diagnosed by use of clinical instrument such as major depression inventory which have been design to detect major depression in patients.

Depression can be treated by administering drugs such as cymbalta. This is a deloxetine that has proven to be effective in depression treatment. This has seen its usage approved in Europe in treatment of depression. It however not encouraged in US especially in treatment of stress urinary incontinence. When one withdraws from use of cymbalta depression treatment there are a number of side effects the person will show. It is important to note that signs of Cymbalta withdrawal can be both physical and psychological.

Among the commonly reported symptoms include irritability, dizziness and also headaches that can be mild or severe. Cymbalta withdrawal can also cause ejaculation problems and low libido. One can experience delayed ejaculation or have failure in ejaculation completely. Since depression itself causes low sex drive, it is hard to determine whether low sex interest by an individual undergoing depression treatment is as a result of depression or by cymbalta withdrawal.

Sudden cymbalta withdrawal is known t have these effects and hence the patient is advised to withdraw in a systematic way, meaning the person has to decrease intake of cymbalta before withdrawing completely from cymbalta intake. There are those who take cymbalta because of its ability to make one loose weight. Such intakes are highly discouraged but once you put yourself on a cymbalta dosage, you should take care not to make a sudden withdrawal. Your cymbalta withdrawal should be gradual to free your system’s dependence on cymbalta. There are no surveys to ascertain whether weight loss by consumption of cymbalta leads to excessive weight loss but it’s a possibility because cymbalta is not a weight loss drug.

Side effects by cymbalta withdrawal would however vary from one patient to another. other effects of cymbalta withdrawal include dry mouth among some patients. Extreme effects arising from cymbalta withdrawal will among others include agitation, high rate of confusion, seizures, and sensory disturbances especially when nerves and other sensory organs are disturbed. A patient who suddenly withdraws from cymbalta may sense some kind of electric shocks.

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