The world of today has witnessed many people experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with these mental and body ailments. One sure way of doing that is by taking Cymbalta. This is a brand name for the generic anti-depressant drug: duloxetinean. Cymbalta has been widely used for treating mental and body ailments such as fibromyalgia, depressive disorder, anxiety disorder and diabetic neuropathy.

However, taking Cymbalta and other anti-depressing drugs causes withdrawal effects. These withdrawals vary in level and from person to person. Sometimes referred to as antidepressant discontinuation syndrome, these withdrawal symptoms can be physical and psychological. The duration of these symptoms may last several days or a few months. From a statistical point of view, 44% of people who take Cymbalta are likely to experience some of these withdrawal symptoms. The important thing to note is that these withdrawal symptoms rarely occurred to those who were steadily weaned off the drug.

Some of the Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms include: nausea, posture and body balance problems, blurred vision, anxiety, aggression, concentration impairment, dizziness, total body exhaustion, lightening shock sensations, diarrhea and flatulence. These symptoms are also present in flu-like symptoms, hallucinations, lethargy, migraine, hypersensitivity, nervousness, vomiting, insomnia, impaired speech, obsession, stomach problems, sensory problems, paranoia and tinnitus.

It is important to note that Cymbalta belongs to the Selective Serotonin and Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors group. Therefore, abruptly stopping your Cymbalta dosage causes adverse body effects. To elaborate this more vividly, Serotonin affects the immune system, the renal system as well as the cardiovascular system. On the other hand Norepinephrine affects the blood transportation system, the nervous system and the heart beat system.

Dealing with these symptoms is painful and sometimes hopeless. Fortunately, there are ways to combat some of these withdrawal symptoms. First of all, consult your doctor. Do not try getting off the antidepressant drugs without notifying him or her. Without this consultation, you are at risk of getting other perilous ailments. Secondly, ensure that you have allocated time to stop using them. However, make sure that this time schedule is in agreement with your daily work life. But is advised to make such a plan during the vacation and holiday times. Acknowledge the fact that there is a very long list of symptoms and no matter how hard you try to stop taking, there will always be withdrawals. Irrespective of the numerous metabolic, psychological and chemical changes happening in your body, always keep your body in tip top shape. Take plenty of vitamins and water and treat your body right at all times.

While these symptoms may be seen immediately, Cymbalta is very useful in combating depression. Taking the prescribed dosage can work wonders is advised at all times and it can surely treat your ailments. It nurtures a person’s body to full growth and development and one is assured of better health times. For the withdrawal to take effect smoothly, it is advisable to seek counseling from your nutritionist and/or your health care doctor.

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